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CATHY~MOM OF DAVID GIRAUD♫♫ Always thinking of you precious February 9, 2009

Thomas Rauch Beautiful Memorial January 7, 2009
I just wanted to offer my condolences on the loss of your daughter.  I didn't know Lauren personally, but she is a very beautiful girl, and this is a beautiful memorial in her memory.  I hope your pain eases as time goes on.

"It's the end of another year and so many thoughts go
swirling through our minds.  For many, it has been a
difficult year - job loss, loss of friends, loss of a home,
loss of health, and possibly one of the most lasting
losses of all - the loss of a child.  For some there will
be no celebration at the end of the year - only a lot
of tears for those dreams that were stolen away so
How does a person move on?  How can a person move
into the New Year with joy when so much sorrow
surrounds the heart?  It's not easy, but it helps to
remind yourself often that you are never, ever alone in
your pain.  There are times when we feel alone, but the
truth is that we are surrounded by hope and it is there
for us whenever we call out for help.
Look at nature in any season and be reminded of the
One who is in charge.   Look at the majesty of the
starry sky at night and know that you are counted among
the stars.  Listen to the sounds of the wind rustling through
the trees and hear the whisper of God letting you know He
is by your side.  Look for the rainbow painting the sky
and be assured that you have not been forgotten.  Remind
yourself often that hope is stronger than your pain! "-C. Hinton

"For every tear you cry, there is a seed of hope being watered."

--Clara Hinton

"The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me."  --Psalm 61:a 

Clara Hinton

Edwina ~ Troy's mum Thinking of you as the new year approaches December 29, 2008






May peace fill all the empty spaces around you

and within, may contentment answer all your wishes.


May comfort be yours, warm and soft like a sigh.

And may the coming year

show you that every day is a first day,

a new year.

Alexis Goudelock's Grandma Remembering Lauren at Christmas December 17, 2008

Edwina - Troy Mitchell's Mum. Thinking of you at Christmas December 9, 2008


Wishing you a gentle Christmas filled with beautiful

memories of Lauren.

Edwina ~ Troy's mum. In loving memory November 23, 2008

Remember me

Remember me when flowers bloom

early in the spring,

Remember me on sunny days

in the fun that summer brings.

Remember me in the fall

as you walk through the leaves of gold,

And in the winter - remember me

In the stories that are told.

But most of all remember

each day - right from the start,

I will be forever near

for I live within your heart.




Patti Rawls Hapy Birthday Lauren October 7, 2008
Holding you in my heart and prayers  on Lauren's Birthday!   I pray that God will shield you from the sad memories of ago, and instead bless
you with the sweet and precious memories of all the years before.
Love and hugs! Patti Rawls
Angel Dustin Rawls
Carol Carico Happy Heavenly Birthday Laurenn October 4, 2008
Holding you close in thoughts and prayers as we  remember your Precious Angel Lauren on her  heavenly birthday. Pray the day goes peacefully for you and you receive many signs from your angel. A candle will burn in memory of your angel. 
Love & Hugs
Angel Michael's Mom
Edwina ~ Mum of Troy Mitchell Thinking of you August 21, 2008

655522tzxpljt1b7.gif picture by edwinalouise

My thoughts and prayers are with all who love and miss dear Lauren, especially her very precious mom. Your precious daughter was certinally a beautiful young lady, her radiant smile captured my heart imidently. I looked at her pictures for some time and just loved the one of Lauren cutting the grass with her daddy, how beautiful!

Jo-Ann you where not only blessed with a beautiful daughter but also with a best friend, I can clearly see this from the wonderful tribute you have created to honor your daughters memory.

I pray that you find some comfort knowing that others care and will remember your precious angel Lauren. God Bless ~ Edwina. 

Donna Mom to Angie- Robert July 26, 2008

Dear Jo-Ann,

I wrote to you back in probably 2005 on your other site. Lauren and yourself have always touched my heart. I have been so hurt through the loss of my daughter, Angie.  I still have two sons, a husband and my grandson (Angie's son) and I miss her terribly. I hate that she is gone.

I can't help thinking how hard this has to be for you. To loose your husband and than your daughter. She was your pillow, your best friend, a beautiful young lady, your baby, your EVERYTHING!

Those words she said to you when you would cry for your husband..."you still have me" are engraved on my heart...I can only imagine yours.

I'm not writing to make you sad, but to let you know that your daughter was a remarakable person. She has you to be grateful for that. The love and caring you had for each other is a reflection of what you meant to each other.

I can't believe a remarkable girl like Lauren was murdered! Perhaps that is what upsets me so much. If it wasn't for whoever did this, you would still have her in your life, your home, and in your world. I hope whoever did this is getting punished and I hope the memory of that moment, day, whatever is repeated over and over each hour of each day till the time they are confronted with our Lord and his son Jesus Christ!

Lauren is at peace and awaits your time to be reunited with her. You will have each other Forever in a loving and beautiful space. I sometimes wonder when the times comes and the ressurection happens, will we know each other, and the Angels we have gotten to know and love? I find it so strange that I have feeling for so many of the Angel Families and their love ones and I've never met them. Somehow they have slipped into my life from "My Angie's World" and I am so ever grateful.

Life is a mystery, with many joys and many sadnesses. We never know what will or could happen from one second to the next. Like you said, when you live your life grieving for someone, your not the same person nor will you ever be. I feel the exact same way. Losing a child is not like losing a toy and you can just forget about it or buy another hurts and it hurts so deep.

I'm happy you and myself found these sites because I don't know how we would have managed without the support and love of all the Angel Families. I remembered when I first got on the site, and my life was a mess. Some people were writing like we do today...and I would be so surprised that they could be so positive and happy...what I didn't know...was the time that I needed to digest my new kind of when I see a new site go up because a loved one just passed heart cringes knowing the journey they are on.

The first year I was numb, the second year reality hit home, and it stung. Finally, during this third year I am a person again...a person with a broken heart...but a grateful person to have had Angie in my life and for the family I still have. I'm sure you have many friends and family that helps comfort you, and remember we always have Jesus on our side giving us the strength we need.

God Bless you Jo-Ann and thank you for lighting candles for Angie. We appreciate it, but it means so much to know we have survived the same type of tragedy and we are still in contact and still going strong.

If ever you want to chit chat please e-mail me at I would love to have the change to chat with you. Have a nice weekend.

Sending lots of hugs to you, because we can always use them

your Angel Family Friend

Donna Robert, Mom to Angie-Robert




Rea mom of Emile de Miranda Another Angel Mom July 16, 2008
(((Jo-Ann))) I am so sorry for the loss of your precious daughter Lauren. You are in my prayers and close to my heart. I too lost a child and I know your pain. Blessed Be
Cathy (David Girauds Mom) SPECIAL LOVE~~ July 10, 2008



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